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Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students is the student union for ALL engineering and science students! No matter if you're in your first or last year, become a member and stay a member to keep the student union at SciTech faculty strong!

The advantages of joining UTN are many! These are some:

SciTechs cheapest coffe!
As a member in UTN the coffe at Café Bocken is just 5 kronor.

Member discounts!
Member discounts at pubs, the River rafting, the Science Students' ball, the Puzzle Hunt Rally and many more events!

Free union paper two times per term!

Working experience!
You may involve in the unions committes and work groups, for example as a Student Representative, in the Event Group or Utnarm!

Improve your education!
The more members, the bigger influence we have in improving your education. One person may be able to do a lot, but 4000 can do a lot more!

It is FREE!
UTN is one of a very few amount of unions that have a FREE MEMBERSHIP! There are thus absolutely no reasons not joining the union.

Weekly newsletter about what is going on around campus straight into your inbox!

New friends for life and a memorable student time!
The student life is something quite special. As a member, active and involved in Sweden's best student union* you will get the best student time in the whole of Sweden! Become a member now!

*Identified in a non-scientific analysis by the Webmaster

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