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Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, UTN, is the student union for students or PhD at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Uppsala University .

You can easy become a member, for free, by click HERE and fill in your contact details.

When we processed your application you will receive a confirmation-email with a link to our register, here you create your personal log-in page, which you use to change your details or applay to a committee.

Are you already a member but want to update your details, login to our register!

As a member, you get first-hand information about what is happening at the union through our digital newsletter, you can choose to receive the union magazine Techna and you will get preferential or cheaper fee at our popular events, such as the river rafting, the ball or the Puzzel Hunt Rally. But especially your membership means that you support the unions work with maintainin student-educational interests at the Faculty of Science and Technology. As a member you give the union and us students more legitimacy and power to influence on our programs and courses!

In UTN's åsiktprogram, you can read about what we are working for.

If you have comments on the union's work, do not hesitate to contact us!

PS. You must confirmed your membership in October, each year, in order to remain member.This is done by obtaining a confirmation email to the email address you provided in the application, so make sure you have a correct email registered!