Membership Update

In October, the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students reviews its membership registry. If you wish to keep your membership, you will have to follow the instructions given in the Membership Update E-mail of the 4th of October.

Each year in October, the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN), reviews its membership registry. We do this in order to be able to determine how many seats each section will recerive in our General Assembly in the following year. The more members your section has, the more seats it will be allocated in the General Assembly.

Since the union works with improving our respective programmes and courses as well as enriching the student life of Uppsala, the students themselves must be allowed to govern it. To become a member, you must be a student at the Faculty of Science and Technology, either being registered on one of its programmes (PhD-studies included) or any of its courses.

Membership in the union is free of charge, so instead of confirming your continued membership by paying the membership fee, you will be asked whether you are still a student and wish to remain as a member in the upcoming year. Updating your membership is easy. All you have to do is click the link in your Membership Update E-mail. If you have not received the E-mail, a few common reasons are listed further below.

Your membership gives you more than increased influence over the Union, it also lets you:

  • Show your support for the union and its efforts in improving our education and university. The more members we have, the stronger our voice becomes.
  • Receive discounts at our events.
  • Stay up to date with all the latest news with our newsletter.
  • Receive our magazine Techna.
  • Help us out by engaging yourself in or helping us arrange our events.

Are you no longer a student? If no, you can join our Alumi Network. The alumni membership registry is integrated into the university's alumi registry. When you register at, you can also choose to become a part of the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students Alumi Network. You can also join our groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Contact arb [at] if you want to know more.

Do you like the union and do you want to keep supporting it even though you don't study at the Faculty of Science and Engineering students? If so, you can learn more and apply to become a supporting member here.

Compete with your section! The section which increases it's membership the most in percent before the first of November will win cake to share with its members.

If you have not received your Membership Update E-mail, it might be because:

  • You joined less than one year ago. New members do not need to confirm their membership again.
  • The E-mail might have ended up in your spam folder.
  • Your inbox is untidy and you can not find the e-mail. Search for E-mails sent by register [at]
  • You have provided us with a different E-mail address.
  • You are not a member yet or have not confirmed your membership previous years. go to in order to join.

If you have not received the E-mail or if you have other questions regarding your membership. Ask info [at]