Student ID

As a student at Uppsala University you have the opportunity to get a student card that gives you access to a variety of student discounts. The Student ID is a plastic card from the company Mecenat, and at Uppsala University the student ID is combined with your nation card (if you have chosen to become part of the nations).

The student card is sent to you automatically, if you are registered for studies at Uppsala University, about three weeks into the semester. If you are you a member of a student nation, the card is sent to you once you paid your nation fee.

Note that you do not need to be a member of either a student nation or student union to get access to your card.

Have you not received your card?

Opt 1. Unpaid fees

Unpaid fees to the any of the student nation, Uppsala Student Union, Gotland Student union Rindi or the Pharmacy Student Union. If you previously have been a member of any of the student nation or union with a membership fee and not paid for this semester, your card only will be sent to you after you have paid the fee, or told the nation/union that you no longer wish to be a member.

To terminate your membership, please contact the organization with your name, social security number and your case.

Uppsala studentkår – receptionen [at]
Gotlands studentkår Rindi - ordforande [at]
Farmacevtiska studentkåren - expen [at]
Student nation – See the nations website for contact information

Opt 2. Wrong address

Your card will be sent to the address registered in the Student Portal. The address can be changed by logging in and change your details. You may need to order a new card; it can be done by logging on to

If this is the first semester you paid a nation fee the card is sent for collection to the nation. Contact your nation office to see if your card is there!

Opt 3. See "Doesn’t your card have a Mecenat-logo on it?"

To get access to the student discounts, you have to have a card with a Mecenat-logo on it, see picture.

Doesn’t your card have a Mecenat-logo on it?

To get access to student discounts your card needs to have the Mecenat-logo on it.

If you do not have the Mecenat-logo you may not be registered as a student in the University directory. To fix the problem, contact your guidance counselor/supervisor and ask them to register you properly. Once your information is changed, you can order a new card at

Doesn’t your card have the SJ/SL- logo on it?

To get access to the travel discounts that for example SJ and UL offers, you have to have a card with both the Mecenat- and SJ/SL- logo on the front.

To get access to the travel discounts, you have to study with a study tempo of 75% or higher. Should your card be missing the SJ/SL-logo even if your study tempo meets the requirements you should contact your guidance counselor / supervisor and ask them to update your details in the University directory. If you want see what information that are registered about you, you can see it by logging in to the Student Portal. Once your information is changed, you can order a new card here.

At you can also order a temporary digital travel certificate that you can use while you are waiting for your card. 

NOTE! SL and UL don’t approve any other proof of registration than the Mecenat card or "travel certificates Mobile" from Mecenat. If you yet don’t have neither of them, do not buy student tickets, if you do you are risking getting a fine.

Are you a member of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students?

In order to verify your membership in Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, UTN, your Mecenat card/nation card have to have a sticker. See picture.

The sticker can be picked up at the Café Bocken at the student union building Uthgård.

Have you lost your card?

Have you lost or somehow misplaced your card you can simply order a new one here.

Do you want your card digitally?

The Mecenat/nation card can usually be used digital, in your smartphone. To get access to the card into your phone click here. Please note that your membership in the UTN can only be verified by using the plastic card with the sticker.

Other issues

Do you have other questions regarding your student/nation card you can contact info [at]