Changed conditions for the River rafting

Due to the unusually high water flows that currently prevails in Fyrisån, we have to take some extra measures to ensure that the safety during the River raft is guaranteed.

As for today, there are extremely high water levels and high water flows in the river, making the usual route for rafting insecure and associated with a high degree of risk. At the moment we therefore investigate alternative solutions to make it possible to proceed with the River rafting.

UTN is still optimistic that the water level will drop so that we can conduct a rafting the traditional way, but if that should not be the case we investigate alternative solutions to make the rafting possible.

This may mean that the start and finish area can be moved or that the prevailing conditions makes it impossible to proceed with a River raft with persons on the rafts.

Participants who do not wish to participate on account of the prevailing conditions are able to get their start fee and rented equipment refund. In cases where construction has started and a safe rafting can be performed, it is not possible to cancel the participation and get the fee for participation and equipment back.


For more information please contact Johan Fridh, project manager for the Rover raft, 073 562 87 62, j.fridh [at] or Liselott Karlsson, president of Uppsala union of engineering and science students, 018 – 57 25 21, ordf [at]