Summary of the board meeting 2014-12-10

This is a somewhat late summary of the board meeting som 2014-12-10. The meeting was one of the shorter this semester, owing in part to the fact that the board have been effective in their work this year, but also to the upcoming exams.

The meeting began with a visit from the unions information officer Lovisa Ellegren, who informed the board of the various trademark protections which the union own. We discussed whether to renew them or not, and precisely which trademark protections should be renewed in case we chose to do so. The board decided to let our very competent information officer continue to look into the matter.

Then the board turn to som smaller affairs, such as teambuilding with the board and the management team and a leadership education for some of unions officials. We were also informed that Entrepreneurs Academy, and association for students interested in entreprenuership, had decided to remove the delegate of their board which earlier have been elected by UTN.

Finally, the board discussed some general questions regarding cooperation with other student unions, both at Uppsala university but also in other parts of the country, associations connected to the union and a potential project fund. It was also decided, highly sensationally, to give fikadebt to one of the delegated, to which the delegate turn in a reservation.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, wishes the UTN board!