New campus card

This fall Uppsala University will introduce new campus cards.

Uppsala University will introducing a campus card, which will replace the existing access cards available today. The idea is that this introduction should begin at campus Polacksbacken in June 2015th.

The new campus of the cards will be a multi- function card including a photograph of the cardholder. This is to allow for improved opportunities to follow up the access to university premises, further strengthening Uppsala Univeristy's brand, improve control function/increased kalitetssäkring the exam administration and to provide support for additional features.

More information will come out of this when it is time to replace the old cards.

For more information about these cards (in Swedish) can be found HERE and HERE.

Do you have any comments about this or any questions, please contact the manager at campus Polaksbacken or us Student Liasons officers at bevakare [at]