Welcome to Uppsala and to Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students want to welcome all the new students to Uppsala and to the Faculty of Science and Technology. We can assure you that you have an amazing time a head of you! Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, is very excited to see you all when the receptions start but we would like to introduce ourself a bit before that.

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, UTN, is the student union for students stydying science or engineering. This means that we, every day, work to make your education better. We do that by taking students opinions in different matters, such as education, future career and working environment for students, and then highlighting them to the University.

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students wants, in addition to having a good education, that the time you spend at the University should be filled with funny and memorable times. Therefore we arrange a lot of exciting events such as some of the receptions, the River Rafting, the gaming event Polhacks, the career fair Utnarm, Sweden's biggest Puzzle Hunt Rally and a ball. Everything is arranged by our involved students, to be involved in the Union is lots of fun! The

Union house Uthgård has a café where you can by coffee and a snack for a penny. At Uthgård you can also eat your lunch, relax in the sofas on the top floor or, on Thursdays, stay for dinner at our Thursday's pub. Here is also where the people working full time with making your education and spare time to the best have their office, come in and say hi!

We hope that you now visit utn.se/join and registrer to become a member of the Union. As a member in the Union you support the organisation that is working towards making your education better, you get discount on all our events and you get information of what is happening on campus trough our newsletter. It is free to become a member and you registrer easily on utn.se/join .

If you have questions visit utn.se or send a mail to ordf [at] utn.se