Summary of boardmeeting 2015-09-02

Summary of boardmeeting 2015-09-02

This meeting was packed with visits and important decision making for this year, weeho as our President Malin says.

The precidingcommittee of the council was here to check in on us, to encourage and share some thoughts with the delegates of the board about the unioncouncil. Johanna, one of our internalauditors, was with us during the meeting and gave feedback. Super healthy and good!

We also took decisions. We spent alot of time discussing the tactical activity plan and full budget that would be sent as a proposition to the unioncouncil. There were also several motions to write answers to.

Beyond this we also managed to announce the head posts for the Engineering and Computerscience reception committe and the Lan Committe. We started planing for a startup day with the sections, started working groups for a new union house and the definition of the Head of Corporate Relations in the Management Team. Exiting to get started with more concrete progress work.

Do you want to know more of what happend during the meeting? Practice your swedish by reading the protocoll in the archive or email us in the board!

Hugs and kisses,

The board (through Nils)