Nominate for this years Årets Uppsalastudent 2016

Nominate someone you think should be this years Årets Uppsalastudent 2016 for a scholarship of 100 000 kronor

Who do you think should become this years Årets Uppsalastudent 2016? Take the chance and nominate the student you think deserves this award.

Anders Walls scholarship Årets Uppsalastudent is awarded to a student that has:
- distinguished themselves for good, creative contributions at Uppsala University
- partaken in student union and/or nation work or
- made special contributions to support other students alternatively
- developed entrepeneurship with affiliation to the Universitiy's educational or other work.

The nominee should have good study results and completed a large part of their studies but should not have finished their studies.

The prize consists of a scholarship of 100 000 kronor.

Nominate via this link:

If you have questions, contact nominera [at] (subject: Nomination%20of%20%C3%85rets%20Uppsalastudent%202016)