Summary 2016:4

This is the summary written by Ellen McShane from X - thanks!

Summer is still going strong and we’re spending this September evening in the Eva Netselius-hall in Blåsenhus for the semesters first council meeting (FUM)! This is where representatives from each section and takes decisions of how we want to operate our student union, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students.


”Apply to a post!” – Everyone (almost)

You could easily say that the overall message of all the different informants is to APPLY all the different post that are available in the union, information about the different post can you fin HERE! (


”We start with theorem and proof” – Per Wahlund

Yes, this is how the next part of the evenings FUM starts. It’s about if UTN should manage Per Wahlunds foundation, a foundation to support cultural event like concerts or food culture events. Per Wahlund is a retired professor that earlier lectured in Scientific Computing (for you that are new and haven’t had the pleasure to experience this on their own). It was one unanimously positive vote and we look forward to a lot of good events!


”This depends on with what ambition you want to sleep” – Jakob Ekengard

Next question that was discussed was if the union would apply for membership in SFS (The Swedish National Union of Students). This started a very good and thoroughly discussion with multiple beehives. This ended in a vote and that the decision that UTN will apply for membership. Congratulation SFS because soon there will come an application from an awesome union!


”Test and evaluate at the critical point” – Rozbe

Oporatinal plan and budget are probably FUMs most important document that go through and decide on. This is the bones and ground to everything this union does and how the board and management team work. Two bigger questions was up for discussion: First about Polhacks be or not to be, and second about the project manager of Utnarm and if this should be payed part-time. The document got approved with small changes and you can find it in the Document Archive.


”I dont think so, but you’re usually right. But then I usually say you’re right and then it turns out that I was right” – Astrid

After a fast second reading about the belonging to sections time had come for the evenings last item: Election of board members. However had no new applications been entered and these had to be set vacant.


As usual the meeting was adjourned after a small evaluation.