Apply to a official position!

New official positions are announced at Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students! In this event we will present useful and fun information for you who are interested to become more involved in the union and its various activities. Find out how those who hold the positions this year has experienced the work, learn about the electoral process and the documents that are worth checking out before your application.

Between 2-12th of October, you can apply at to any of the following positions:

Head of Pub crew (one year employee)
Head of CorporateRelations (one year employee)
Student Liaison Officer Head of Labour Market Affairs (one year employee)
Student Liaison Officer Head of Academic Affairs – Science and International Affairs (one year employee)

Deputy secretary

President of the Election Committee

Project manager for The Utnarm career fair
Deputy project manager with financial responsibility for The Utnarm career fair

Project manager for the Proprietorial Teachers
Deputy project manager with financial responsibility for the Proprietorial Teachers

To read more about the positions, visit and read the position description and job description for the items you are interested in! If you want any of the documents to translated into english contact styrelen [at]

Would you like to get in touch with those who hold the positions now to ask your own questions before a possible application, do not hesitate to mail them on the email addresses you find under the contact tab on the union's website.

The election process for these positions look a little different depending on the position you applying for, but the first two seps are the same. The two steps consist of a personality test and a group cases. The Group Case are held October 13 at 18.

Then an interview with the Election Committee for those seeking any of the position in Presiding committee of the council are hold. The final selection is made by the council at its meeting on 1-2th of November. Your application and results from the preparation process will be sent to the union council members before the meeting.

The other positions are finally selected by the union board and after the group case, your application and the result from the case and personality test are sent to the board and they will call you for an interview.

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us at val [at] or styrelsen [at]

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