Summary of board meeting 2016-10-27

Last Wednesday the board had a meeting consisting of more long discussions then usual.

The board started of with discussing the operational plans and budgets for Polhacks and the Science Student's ball. It's very interesting to see the progress in the projects and to read about what the project managers and vice projekt managers has in mind for the events. 

The operational plans was followed by a discussions about a project from the big activity plan of the union. The project is about evaluating the officials that are hard to get people interested in. After some discussion we decided to put up a table with all the officials and try to identify why people will or will not apply for these positions.

When we have the result we will try to come up with arrangements to get people to apply and try to evaluate if those arrangements are possible to realize or not. The final report will be sent out for comments to involved and members before the board decides what to do with it.

Matilda, head of student welfare affairs, visited us and together we talked about how the union should work with the new law regarding discrimination. The new law require all organisations to work harder with these questions and it will be very interesting to follow the implementations in the union.

Next meeting will be held in two weeks, as always on a Wednesday .