Summary of board meeting 2016-12-14

On the 14th of December the board had its last meeting for the semester. The board discussed a lot of issues that would have been discussed on the meeting that was cancelled on the 30th of november.

The board had two visits. Soon-to-be board member Felicia Arborén visited to get up to speed on current issues, and the F-sections president Aksel Wännström visited to see how the union board operates and learn from them.

The board began with discussing applications to the unions project fund. In total people had applied for almost 90 000 crowns, which meant the the board could not grant all applicants what they wanted. Then the board discussed whether or not it is a good idea to separated chairman of the board and union president, as they do in some other student union. The meeting ended by discussing some smaller issues.

The board wants to thank everyone for this semester, and is already hungry for the next one.