New guidelines for reexams starting HT17

From HT17 the faculty has decided on new guidelines regarding re-examination. The biggest change that is that the exam- and reexam period around the christmas holidays has changed. Previously, there have been regular exams before Christmas, and reexams after, but now it will be the opposite. The main reason that these new guidelines have been developed is that students who previously took exams before Christmas and then had nothing more scheduled until the period of 3 had problems with CSN and could get their student allowance withdrawn. Another big important factor is to provide students with a reasonable time to study for their regular exams, and so that all course material can be coverd go in a normal rate as in the rest of the study periods. There are several factors that were considered during the developement, and the previous mentioned only two of them, if you are interested to know more about it, you can turn to the student liasons.

Developement of the new guidelines took place during the academic year 2015/2016 and the guidelines were decided in HT16. The group that developed the new guidelines included both Student Liaisons from UTN and student counselours.

If you have questions on the developement of these guidelines, or any other terms of the guidelines, you can contact: utb-t [at]

The new guidelines can be found on the link underneath. Unfortunately they can only be found in swedish, so if you need translation, please contact UTN!