Summary of board meeting 17-05-17

The board has had another meeting and from the protocol you can see that the year is coming to an end. A lot of the discussion is about ending projects before the new board takes over in July.

At the meeting the board discussed the operational plans and the budgets for the Proprietorial teachers in math, Utnarm and the SciTech proprietary committee. Daniel (vice president) has updated some of the documents regarding economy and Rozbe (president) wanted to discuss some thoughts about credits when applying for exchanges.

We also discussed the remuneration for the system administrator. He is developing a new system and a new webpage for the union and the question is if he needs more time to finish it.

At the next meeting, in two weeks, the presiding committee of the River rafting will visit us to talk about what they think want well and not so well with the event this year. It will be good for the new board to hear!

Over and out!
The board