Summary of the Board electi:s first constituent board meeting 29-05-17

On 29th of May, the Board electi had its first constituent board meeting. During the meeting, the Board electi decided over some fundamental building blocks for the next year, such as those elected by the board to act as company signatories and account signatories, as well as those who will be able to attest in the 2017/2018 financial year. In addition, the Board electi discussed less formal matters such as secretaries during meetings and planned for the next meeting, where the board electi will divide various assignments such as board contacts for committees, working groups and sections between them.

In addition, the board electi also took its first selfie together, but the picture would be even more complete if the two vacant seats in the board were to be filled. If you have thought about applying, you have up to the Union council meeting in September to concider it, we recommend you to do that! The more people we are, the better we become and the more efficiently we can work to make UTN better than ever!

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