Brief FUM2018:1

The brief of the latest assembly in the Union Council (FUM2018:1) is finally here, and available on the Union's drive! The brief is written by Inez Eriksson from the W-section, and translated by the Speaker of the Union Council.

The February meeting in the Union Council, FUM, offered a lot of nice happenings. The meeting began with some presentations of recent work. First out were the internal auditors, followed by the management team and a full(!) board. The central heads of Academic, Social and Labour Market affairs told us that another Course Evaluation Event will be arranged - arranged by and for all the Faculty's study programs this time! They also informed us about the Faculty's plans to introduce a MSc in Industrial Economics at Uppsala University. Our student representative in the University board has attended one meeting since last FUM assembled. The University board is currently trying to map future risks for Uppsala University. The discussion about our educations are right now primarily about the fact that money for undergraduate education decreases while money allocated to research increases. Actions regarding this issue have been discussed. Marika, chief editor of Techna, is still without deputy chief editor (apply!) and therefore only one issue of Techna will be released this spring.

Last time FUM assebled a motion regarding the mental health of those involved in the Union was discussed. The proposers request that everyone occupying a position as official in the Union receive professional advice regarding their mental health once during their term of office. The outcome from that meeting was that the board was assigned to look further into the issue until the next meeting - this meeting, that is. Due to Christmas and holidays, there has not been much progress so far, and FUM decided that any decision regarding the motion would be postponed to FUM 2018:3.

FUM approved the board's updated budget for 2017/2018, which means that more money can be used to benefit the members of the Union, nice! It was also decided to change the fund regulations, thus making it possible to hire a fund manager to help us financially. In addition to these good news, the regulations for medals were renewed!

UTN:s stance towards introducing a collective guidon, representing all student unions in Uppsala, was also discussed. Since there is not much in the Union's opinion program that can support either side, the board decided to ask FUM for advice. Many are positive, but the design of the stand gave rise some questions.

During the meeting, Paul Lindroos, who studies the Bachelor Program in Chemistry, was elected Chairman of the Nomination committee. Congratulations Paul!

In summary, it was a very fun first FUM and also the first FUM ever for me. Next meeting is election-FUM, make sure to be there!


W section through Inez Eriksson