Brief FUM2018:2

The brief from the last assembly in the Union is finally here! This time the writer is from the NVL section.


Brief of FUM 2018:2 – Elections!



Today we are going to establish the new management, exciting!

The positions that are going to be established are:

President, Vice president, Board members, Student representative in the University board, Internal auditors, Techna´s editor-in-cheif , Techna´s vice editor-in-cheif .


10 apr -18

18:00 Opening of the meeting.

18:08 Messages.

18:44 One nominated for President.

18:45 The first candidate is having his speech. He starts with introducing himself. He thinks that it is important to not have very strict thoughts about things in the student union. Wants to work a lot with recruitment and to make people want to apply for different positions in the Union. He wants to help the different sections with formalities. “It would be very fun to help to lead this Union, you work together, for a common goal”.

18:50 Questions were asked to the candidate. Including “What do you mean with support to the sections?”, “how do you deal with conflicts?”, “which will be the biggest challenge?”, “other experiences?”.

19:05 End of questions. No more candidates.

19:05 DISCUSSION about election.

19:15 Decision.

19:16 Andreas Gustavsson (NVG) gets elected for the position President.

19:18 One nominated for the position Vice president.

19:19 The first candidate is having his speech. Starting with introducing himself. Recently, he was the project manager for Polhacks. He wants to start with a common base for later committees, “not invent the wheel again”. He wants to make the gap between science students and engineers small. He wants all the sections to have a unique relation to the Union.

19:24 Questions were asked to the candidate. Including other experiences about economics, conflicts, other engagements, physical and mental unhealth.

19:46 Questions about the gap between nature scientists and engineers were asked, and he said that it is very important that the gap gets smaller.

19:50 DISCUSSION about election.

20:03 Decision, and Max Mesch (NVF) is selected for the post Vice president.

20:04 COFFEE

20:27 The meeting continues.

20:28 Four nominated for the positions Board members. And one candidate in the hall.

20:33 The five candidates are having their speech where they all start with introducing themselves and telling us about earlier experiences. Similar questions were asked to the five candidates, including if they will have and other engagements at the same time, strength and weaknesses and what they think needs to be improved in the Union.

21:27 End of questions.

21:27 DISCUSSION about election.

21:34 Decision, the five candidates, Linda Lundmark (ES), Elin Olby (W), Cajsa Roos (X), Sarah Kunz (F), and Lovisa Svensson (ES), are elected for the positions Board members.

21:42 The meeting will be adjourned until tomorrow, 11 apr -18, at Blåsenhus.


11 apr -18

18:00 Opening of the meeting.

18:02 There is two nominated for Student representative in the University board.

18:04 The two candidates are having their speeches. Questions that were asked included their thoughts and opinions they have, other engagements and the biggest challenges.

18:26 End of questions

18:26 DICUSSION about election.

18:35 Votation and decision that Sanne Rönning (NVB) get selected for the position.

18:38 No nominations for Internal auditors. Two candidates in the hall.

18:38 The two candidates are having their speeches and questions were asked to them. The questions were similar to both of them, including conflicts and why they are applying here, right now.

18:51 End of questions.

18:51 DISCUSSION about election.

18:53 Decision, Emil Näslund (K) and Felix Brunnstedt (MILI) are elected.

18:55 No nominations for Techna´s editor-in-cheif. No candidates in the hall either. Or anywhere else. The question will be postponed until after the break.


19:24 The meeting continues.

19:24 Still no candidates for the position Techna´s editor-in-cheif and the question is postponed until after the statements.

19:28 One nominated for Techna’s vice editor-in-cheif.

19:30 The first candidate is having her speech, starting with introducing herself. Studying the first year. She has been an editorializer before and thinks that the magazine is important for the union when it’s a help for the union the reach the students and vice-versa. She wants the magazine to exist!!

19:32 Questions that were mentioned was what kind of thoughts she has about the magazine, and how it feels to be without the Editor-in-cheif, (unfortunately!).

19:42 End of questions.

19:43 DISCUSSION about election.

19:45 Decision: make the term longer so she can start today – Elizaveta Yakovlev (F) is elected for the position

19:47 Determination about the membership fee to 0 sek for members and 150 sek for supporting members.

19:49 The postponed question Techna’s vice editor-in-cheif is being discussed again, and still no candidate. The question is postponed until FUM in May.

20:05 End of meeting.


NVL through Elsa Graneland.