Brief FUM2018:3 - the grand finale!

Summer is just around the corner, and we in the Presiding committee of the Council would like to say 'thank you', especially to the members of the council for being part of our job to make our student union as great as possible. We also want to say thank you to Josefin Wahlström from the NVM-section, who has written the brief of the last Council Assembly of this spring. We'll be back again in September - until then!

This Union Council’s Assembly was filled with heated discussion and lively debate. It started with the resigning board, internal auditors, Techna’s presidium, and our student representatitve in the university board each receiving a small flower (cute!) as thank you for the work done. After that, presentations of recent work from the board, management team, project leader of UTNARM, followed by the student liaison officers, our university board representative, and Techna’s bureau. We learned that new merch with UTN-logos are going to be available, that Techna’s bureau are going to restructure their work, and that security for students who get sick is being looked into, among other things.

The current Techna’s deputy editor-in-chief, Elizaveta Yakovleva, was elected to Techna’s editor in chief (congratulations!), and now the position as Techna’s deputy editor-in-chief is open to apply to!

Revisions of UTNs’ opinion documents (åsiktsprogrammet) were approved with some editorial changes, and a side-discussion about lab safety occured. A motion about changing the section names was recived, and an active question time resulted in a discussion which ended with the mover withdrawing the motion.

Day two begun nicely with pizza and then continued with a report of the time spent on the Per Wahlunds foundation, a foundation which funds culture- and education events for engineering and science students at Uppsala Univerity. It was reported that the time spent was reasonable.

After that UTNs’ investment- and maintenance plan, tactical business plan, and total budget for next year was approved, where it was mentioned that Uthgård’s café is a member benefit and not an income source, and therefore the café is not meant to have a profit.

In conclusion, it was an interesting last Council Assembly for the semester, and hopefully the forthcoming assemblies after the summer will too.


NVM-section through Josefin Wahlström