Brief FUM 2018:5

Thank you Tobias Giertz for writing the breif for this assembly in the Union Council! See you in December, the last Assembly this year 4-6 December!

On the 30th of October, at 18:02, was the 5th meeting of the Union’s Council for 2018.
Location for the event was Eva Netzelius, Blåsenhus and despite the weather, spirits
were high.

After the initial meeting formalities, the representatives of the different posts of the
Union presented what they had been up to since the last meeting. Suffice to say, the
Union has been very busy with everything from baking to business trips. And loads and
loads of meetings.

No motions were brought up, but Johanna Blomstedt (F) was appointed Acting Vice
Editor in Chief for Techna.

Then it was time to appoint speaker, vice speaker, secretary and vice secretare of the
Union for 2019. Despite aggressive use of awkward silence, no candidates were found.
Thus, the decision, and the meeting, was put on hold to the day after.

During day two of FUM 2018:5, the Speaker’s post was appointed, Gabriel Tidestav (K).
However the remaining posts had to be put on ice until the next meeting.

See you all in December!

Kind regards,
Tobias Giertz, BAS