A very delayed brief of FUM 2018:6!

After an... uncustomary long time after the meeting, the brief of FUM 2018:6 is finally here! We in TMP:18 bows and says thank you and goodbye, and hope that everyone involved will enjoy a long and healthy life! Thank you Marcus Blom (ES) for contributing with this brief. See you tonight, at 2019's first meeting in FUM!

Summary of the union’s general council 2018:6 #Fumofdeath

Day 1 - 2018-12-04

Tuesday, 4/12 at 6 pm, today’s meeting opened, and the place was as usual Eva Netzelius at Blåsenhus. Following the initial meeting form, today's meeting continued with announcements from the UTN spokesman presidium, presidium, board, management team, our University’s Board member and the presidium of Techna.

Max spoke in his statement of how he was working on trying to digitize the economic work so that the position as vice-president would not be as much paperwork and economy as the position might be today, and could thus be more of the Vice President he has the position as. Good thing!

Techna's presidency raised the idea of ads in Techna and FUM thought of it as a good idea, but it might need to be reviewed a little more. The presidency of Techna will look over this a bit more and will return after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

After all messages, a ~five-minute leg stretcher was taken in order to quickly proceed quickly to the presentation of the previous fiscal year, where decisions of this will be made, and decisions on discharge for the Board 2017/2018 shall be determined.

First out is UTN's President 2017/2018 who held brief talks on the activity report and the economic story. FUM decided to determine these for the 2017/2018 fiscal year with application changes. Following this decision, a lecture by Vice President 2017/2018 was held on the management report for the same year of operation, and FUM decided to add this to the documents. Internal auditors for the financial year 2017/2018 held their lecture about internal auditor's report, but planned to table this as no auditor's report with financial audit was available for today's meeting and thus no liability for the Board of Directors 2017/2018 should be established. Appeals are made to decide to submit an auditor's report with financial audit to the documents and the FUM decides to table this to FUM 2019:1. Even a claim for a decision to discharge the board of directors 2017/2018 to FUM 2019:1 and after this decision, it was time for break and COFFEE (<3) in huge amounts.

After the break, the meeting continued with today's election! The first election was the election of the nomination committee chairman. However, there were no submitted applications to today's meeting and no candidacy is found on site. FUM decides to draw a line in the debate and also to table the election until to tomorrow. Election number two was the election of Techna's Deputy Chief Editor and a submitted application by Louise Bartek was to be found. After hearing Louise's speech, FUM chose to appoint her as Techna's Deputy Chief Editor in the period January 1st to June 30th 2019. The Spokesman Presidency proposed that the remaining election of the spokesman presidential candidates for the term of office 2019 would be tabled until tomorrow's meeting and instead transfer to the incoming motions.

Till today’s meeting, a motion had been submitted, a motion for revision of the Corps Strategic Operational Plan (SVP), saying that the current year's spokesman President is granted a postponement to submit a proposal for revised SVP to FUM 2019: 1. The Board had a motion response to the rapporteur, and the response said that the Board wishes to approve the motion as a whole. FUM decided to draw a line in the debate and then decided to approve the motion.

The next item of the meeting deals with the submitted propositions and the first one deals was a proposition of distribution of mandates and the Board was committed to maintaining the current mandate distribution due to the hassle of the new member system that the Corps has recently incorporated. FUM decided to maintain the current mandate distribution, and then the meeting continued with the proposition of the program subsidy. This proposition stated that the Board was calling for the FUM to allow the Board to use the member count from 2017-11-01 when deciding how the section unique contributions will be distributed. Strings in the debate were called for and the FUM decided to draw a line in the debate and then decided to approve the proposition.

Today’s third proposition was a proposal of an application about the Corp’s status, where the Board was calling for the council to approve the board to apply for the status of UTN during the period 2019-2022. FUM decided to approve the proposition in its entirety.

The fourth and last proposition of this meeting was a proposition about UTN's Pillar Marshals. The Board had three nominations that are read at the meeting and the nominees are: Hanna Marklund (ES), Emanuel Eriksson (Q) and Malin Forsberg (W). FUM decided to determine the nominees for 2019, and then the meeting was adjourned until the next day, Wednesday at 18:00.

Day 2 - 2018-12-05

Day two of the “FUM of Death” meeting opened at 18:05 and quickly continued with the elections tabled from yesterday's meeting. First off was election of the Nomination Committee Chairman which was immediately laid aside until after reviewing the propositions that remains from yesterday's meeting. Next in line of the elections was the election of the Deputy Speaker of the Spokesman Presidency. Nor here were there any submitted applications, but, on the other hand, a person who applied right there and then, namely Martin Lindberg who studies the first year of the Master of Science in Energy Systems! How nice!

Following the hearing of the candidate and some discussion, FUM decided to appoint Martin as the Deputy Speaker of the Council for the 2019 calendar year, and then the meeting continued with the election of the Secretary of the Spokesman Presidency. No submitted applications were available and no candidacy was in attending at the meeting, but there were potential nominations from sitting audience at the meeting. FUM decided to table the remaining elections after the propositions for the opportunity to get in touch with the potential nominees.

Before the remaining propositions were dealt with, some additional information about the nominated Pillar Marshals from yesterday were given, and all three nominees accepted their nominations. FUM decided to choose these the proposed persons for Pillar Marshals for the calendar year 2019.

The first proposition of the evening is a proposal for the distribution of the Corps Honor Medal in Gold. The Board had chosen to nominate the Susanne Paul from the University’s Education and Staff Recruitment Unit and after deliberation and shorter discussion, FUM decided to award UTN's Honor Medal in Gold to Susanne Paul.

The third proposition of the evening was a draft of the rules for the Per Wahlund Foundation, where some editorial changes took place. FUM decided to adopt the proposition as a whole. The fourth proposition was a proposition of raised remuneration for the employees of the staff where the Board is awaiting the decision to raise the fee for the full-time employee's income before the end of the fiscal year. Before any decision were taken, the Board urges the members of the Assembly to examine the members' attitude towards the introduction of a membership fee before the 2019:1 General Assembly. After a long discussion, FUM decided to adopt these two claims, and then quickly proceed to a truly well-deserved and long-awaited break! WOHO!

At 20:00, the meeting was resumed with a shorter discussion and thoughts about the workflow of the sections FUM members. After this, it was time for the last proposition for this meeting, which was a proposal for the total budget at which the Board is seeking to adopt the attached annex as the total budget for the 2018-2019 financial year. The rapporteur also wished to add some editorial changes. FUM then decided to adopt the bill in its entirety with editorial changes and now were all the propositions reviewed for this time and it is time to return to the elections.
The election of the Nomination Committee's Chairman is once again in line and no applications had been received since the beginning of the meeting. There were also no applications in the hall or any nominations from sitting auditory at the meeting. After a lot of shillyshally, there was finally a nomination for Frida Kornsäter who studies the STS program and the election was laid aside until she was available on Skype.

After a few minutes, Frida was available on Skype to hold her speech on why she should be the Chairman of the Election Committee. After a brief discussion, FUM decided to elect Frida for the calendar year 2019. The meeting went on with the election of the Deputy Secretary of the Spokesman Presidency. One person in the auditory went up and gave a speech in favour of Matilda-Linnéa Persson who studies the first year on the Chemical Engineering Educational Programme. In the meantime, we also received a nomination for the postition as the Secretary of the Spokesman presidency, Lovisa Mäepea Nilsson, who she also studies the first year in the Chemistry Engineering Education Programme.

After discussion, FUM decided to elect Matilda as the Deputy Secretary for the calendar year 2019. Following the decision, the same person as before held a speech in favour of Lovisa for the post as the Spokesman Presidency’s Secretary. After another discussion, FUM decided to appoint Lovisa Mäepea Nilsson to this position. We had now appointed all the positions during this meeting and it is really AMAZING! #WOW

At 21:58, the last meeting of the year ended with a groupie and then "O gamle klang" and with that I wish you all that might be reading this, a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Take care, bye!

The Electrical engineer section through Marcus Blom