Brief, FUM 2019:1

Here is a brief of this year's first council meeting, on February 12th. The author is Dennis Abrahamsson from the STS section.

After a minor delay, the meeting was opened by a dressed-up president. 27 regular members and 5 deputies attended. One problem that was lifted early was that adjusted minutes were missing from the council's last meetings, but the question was postponed.

The technological challenges continued for the presidium, which had to postpone its reporting. Instead, the board presented about its activities. They have had a medal dinner, a team building and a start-up for the sections. The vice chairman told us that Uthgård will receive a facelift during late spring and early summer 2019, and that the Expen and the shop will be upgraded. The Board also reminded that at the next FUM, a new board will be elected, and that all members should help to promote this.

The student liaison officers will arrange a lunch lecture on the students' working conditions. A new post has also been introduced: Head of Academic Affairs (External), which will, among other things, lead the international committee.

The Consistory member informed that a new rules of procedure are being drafted in the Consistory, it seems that the students' influence will remain, but the documents for the next meeting have not yet been presented.

Techna's editorial team has, after a recruitment effort, succeeded in selecting 4 new editorial members and are feeling confident about the future.

After the first break, the result of the audit was presented for the 2017-2018 board year. This case was to be discussed in the autumn, but had been pending waiting for the necessary documents. The council granted the board of directors 2017-2018 discharge without comment.

Unfortunately, there was no candidate for the secretary of the presidium, so the question was postponed. However, 16 new members were elected to the Nomination Committee.

After this, it was time for propositions and motions. The General Council had many questions about "Proposition on Amendment of Rules of Procedure Sections", several members were sceptical and felt that 100% attendance felt like a tough claim. The Board replied that they saw this as an important measure to get the committees to work better, as they are important for the student liaison officers. The Board also pointed out that there is no automation in the withdrawal of the section grants. Instead, this being done through board decisions where the presence in the committees is a basis. After this clarification, the bill was adopted.

After break 2, "Proposition on the delegation scheme" was also adopted after some discussion about the distribution of student representatives.

"Motion on revision of the union's strategic plan" was adopted without comments from FUM, which meant that the ongoing work on revising the strategic plan (SVP) may continue. The plan is for a decision on a new SVP to be made at FUM 2019: 2 and according to the rapporteur, it looks good so far. The speaker also urged all members of UTN to respond to the form published on UTN's Facebook page.

There was more discussion about "Motion on revised job descriptions", which was designed with input from current executives. One hot question has been participation in the cleaning festival, but the exercisers have chosen to suggest that everyone should participate. Some questions and comments from FUM were answered by the fact that the board of directors are preparing a work plan (ArbO) where details of their work will be described. The board also submitted proposals for its postal descriptions, which were all adjusted. Finally, Techna's editors' terms of office were changed to be overlapping and the motion was adopted.

Last on the agenda, the election of the secretary for FUM's presidium was lifted again , now with a candidate: current vice secretary of the bureau Matilda Persson, who studies chemical engineering. She introduced herself and motivated the change of post with the fact that she would rather focus on the protocol than on the technology. The meeting ended with FUM choosing Matilda with subsequent cheers. The entire agenda was thus completed and no other meeting day was needed.