Brief, FUM 2019:3

Here is a brief of this year's third council meeting, on May 14th. The author is Ylva Jansson from the molecular biotechnology (X) section.

On Tuesday the 14th of May FUM had its last gathering for the semester. Following the initial meeting formalities, the board and the management team where welcomed down to present what they’ve been up to since last FUM. As usual it consisted of many meetings, among others with the University, committees, and other unions. Some quite funny typos had snuck their way into the reports, which made for a few laughs.

After that came some elections. Congratulation to Cornelia Svärdström (X), our new head of the election committee, and Hugo Sandelin (DV) whom became a member of the new board! Unfortunately, there are still some vacancies; two more seats on the board need to be filled for next year and the spokesman presidium are still lacking a vice secretary.

Then it became time to address the board’s propositions. Due to the possible introduction of a member fee for the Union, FUM has carried out a member survey where a compilation was sent to the board. Since the answer rate was fairly low, the survey was a bit inconclusive and on top of that we just adopted a new member management system. All of that led to the decision to keep the member fee at 0 sek for now. An introduction of a member fee could lead to a loss of members, which could weaken UTN:s position relative to other unions and make it harder to reach our own students with information. That in turn could have a negative effect in form of lower participation rates on UTN events.

The TVP (tactical plan of operations) and the budget were also established for the following year, along with the investment and maintenance plan. For the opinion program, the board and liaison officers wished for more time to be able to present a well-thought-out revision. FUM ruled in favor of that and are looking forward to see the revision in its full form at FUM2019:4, meanwhile adopting the opinion program in its current form as of now.

A huge cause for celebration was the thorough revision of the SVP (strategic plan of operations) that finally had been completed! With a motion through Ebba Fogelström (NVF) it was decided that the old SVP is to be taken out of use and replaced with two new documents consisting of UTN:s base values and a target plan. They are both concise and well-turned, so it has been worth the wait!

Have a nice summer, see you next FUM!
Ylva Jansson, X