Brief, FUM 2019:4

Here is a brief of this year's fourth council meeting, on September 24th and 25th. The author is Carl Hasselberg from the computer science (DV) section.

FUM2019:4 was the first gathering after the summer break. The attendees were met by a
fresh home cooked pasta salad.

The president of the board, Petter Elgh, presented his coming schedule which among
other things was filled with a lot of student union cooperation. There has also been work
been done to eventually appoint a Vice-Chancellor.

Vice president, Fredrik Öhrn, said some calming words to the new board members and
said that they could always ask about formalisms and come with ideas and questions. One
thing that had surprised VP Fredrik was that there is a swish account where a hefty sum of
money is simply lying instead of being used.

A message from the clubmasters followed, the section battle had been successful. Next
point in their plans were to organize thursday-pubs. They also announced that the new
“student union beer” will most likely be a pilsner or a lager.

Café director Jacob proclaimed that the search to join a café group has begun. Danish
pastry is a novelty that has been highly appreciated by the visitors of the café. He also
announced, to everyone's great joy, that lots of new students (sv. reccar) have found their
way to café.

Leo, the project leader for UTNARM informed that the project weeks are soon to begin
and that there was a high amount people wanting to become involved. There is going to be
127 exhibitors, new record! It is discussed in the board to change location from ITC since the
convention has grown with more exhibitors and visitors. There have been discussions and
bookings with UKK for the convention 2021 and a preliminary booking the year thereafter.
There has not been a booking 2020 since it is fully booked.

The education inspection unit strode forward. Inspector William informed that “adding” is
a hot topic for the moment. “Adding” is when you rewrite an exam you’ve already passed in
order to get a higher grade.

The building process of new Ångström is also a prevalent question informs Emma, who is
responsible for social aspects of education. 17 section rooms will be built in the New

Egil, responsible for external questions and internationalisation is doing a start-up of the
international standing committee and he is also taking part of the adding question. He
informs that the masters programs for 2020 have been accepted.

Carl and Elizaveta from TECHNA’s presidium informed that 3 issues will be given out
over the work year. The newspaper has been marketed both during TD and the international

After that it was time for a short break where the rest of the pasta salad and a few cups of
coffee were consumed and toilets were visited.

An applicant for the position as member of the board stepped forward and presented
herself, a student whose name is Henny Henriksson Larsson from biology (year 3). The
candidate left the room and discussions were held. A decision was made almost directly and
she was welcomed back into the room with applause. The perceptive reader can probably
guess what decision was made. One spot on the board is still empty.

The motion about changing the opinion program was approved.

TECHNA wishes to run ads in the newspaper to make up for costs caused by postage to
be able of being completely independent from the board. TECHNA’s activity plan was
approved and TECHNA’s internal budget is now according to the proposition.

Another break was taken and delicato sweets were eaten.

The board strives to be able to build a new student union house and it was therefore
discussed about how money is being allocated to the security fund. To be able to reach the
goal of building the new house it was proposed to reallocate the money that goes to the
security fund into the union house fund. The proposition was approved.

The board proposed to in the future form a University wide student union which would be
called “Uppsala Universitets Förenade Stuentkårer” (eng. Uppsala University’s Unified
Student Unions). UTN would enter as a member organization in this. The board means that
this is a union that would simplify the education inspection which has gotten progressively
worse from the central side since student unions broke out many years ago. The proposition
was approved.

After that the first FUM-day was concluded at 22:15 since it was found foolish to hurry
through important propositions.


Meeting day number two was opened the same way as the day before. The first
proposition was about replacing the word “ämbetsman” (eng. (very rough translation): “work
man”, actually official) to “ämbetsverkare” (eng. (again, rough translation) work doer) in order
to avoid the gender marking . This could be approved in a very inclusive spirit.

After that it was time for the proposition that handled revision of sustainability policies.
Sustainability aspects such as being guaranteed 9 hours of rest for people that involved in
UTN-activities were taken up. The proposition was approved.

In the tactical plan which the board presented it was made apparent that as a result of the
6 new masters programs in the TekNat faculty and the sharp rise of international students,
that it is a good idea to work with more things regarding internationalization.
The board also wishes start a digitalization committee which will work with fixing up the
website and develop an app that can be used for all UTN-events.

Discussions regarding the budget was held as a result of the proposal for the total budget.
A point regarding budgeted deficit for the café was brought up. It was however agreed that
the café brought so much value, albeit non-economic, that the monetary deficits were
motivated. The budget was then clubbed through, to the great joy of the board.

A quick day 2 of FUM was then concluded with eating the rest of the fika.