Brief, FUM 2019:5

Here is a brief of this year's fifth council meeting, on October 15th. The authors are Hanna Stjernfeldt and Annie Paulsson from the biology (NVB) section.

Today’s FUM meeting (15/10) was very short since the last meeting took place less than a month ago. We gathered at Tuesday only and the meeting lasted for one hour and 57 minutes, ten minutes of which were for bathroom breaks. We, the union council members from the biology programme, consider this FUM meeting to be the fastest ever.

Since this FUM was so close to the last one, the board did not have anything new to discuss. They have however been productive and have been working on their regular tasks. The vice president has registered all the expenses from the freshman reception and paid wages. There has been an election period, where the board have prepared election for seats that need to be filled. “Samarbetskontrakt” has changed name to “Näringslivsansvarig”. The president and a few members of the management team have been in Linköping, meeting other board members of different Tech and Natural Science student unions at REFTEC.

Hugo Sandelin has stepped down from his post as board member by his own request. Therefore two board member seats are vacant, as well as two student liaison officer posts: Head of academic affairs (external) and Head of academic affairs (science). These posts are incredibly important, so encourage your friends to apply!

Change of Statutes

For the second time FUM voted yes to change the name “Ämbetsmän” to “Ämbetsverkare”, which means the proposal has been established. The student union wants to strive towards more inclusive and gender neutral titles and wording.


We had the following seats to fill:

Two board members
Union council deputy secretary (2019)
Union council speaker
Union council deputy speaker
Union council secretary
Union council deputy secretary (2020)

Groucho Zimmerman was elected to Union Council deputy secretary (2019), who ran for the position at the meeting. No applications have been received regarding the rest of the seats. No one in the meeting applied for any of the remaining seats either. The seats have been put vacant until the next FUM in the first week of December.

We will see you on the next FUM in December, but until then we wish you a pleasant fall!