Brief, FUM 2019:6

Here is a brief of this year's sixth and final council meeting, on December 3rd and 4th. The author is Hampus Berndt from the Engineering Physics (F) section.

In order to celebrate the end of the year and use the last part of the budget, pizza was served before the meeting, which probably was necessary to endure this massive meeting.


The first day of FUM, the union council, begun as usual with the board, the management team of the union, the student liaison officers and Techna speaking about what they had been doing since the last meeting. Many questions arose regarding their most proud achievement during the year and amongst other things our president, Petter Elgh, said he was proud of our influence on the government's research proposition which has lead to a planned meeting with the minister for higher education (!). The vice president, Fredrik Örn, said that he likes how the new committee Digitaliseringskå has started. The board has apart from their normal work also started a work group for integration of the MFK (math, physics and chemistry) and GB (geology and biology) receptions. Emma Nilsson, the student liaison officer for studying environment has been working with the new campus opening hours.


Motions and propositions

Then it was time for motions and propositions, which was a large part of this FUM. A new section, I, will be created for the new engineering program in industrial economy. The distribution of seats in FUM was also updated in accordance with latest member counts which gave F and IT another seat each and ES and Q lost one each. The section I will not have any seats for their first semester but will recieve seats in the next yearly update.


In accordance with the boards recommendations FUM decided to elect Daniel Fehrm, Egil Schultz and Elizaveta Yakovleva as Guardians of the Pillars (honorary title) as well as give UTN:s golden Medal of Merit to Ylva Bellander. Congratulations! The president also wanted to say that there are many people deserving of these honours and that the recommendations therefore were difficult to make.


As a student organisation where those active rarely are active for more than a couple of years, UTN can have trouble doing extended projects, remembering information and maintaining continuity. Therefore the board has been thinking of creating a seniorskollegium (seniors' college: a forum for former members) similar to other unions and nations. It was decided to not immedieatly create this college but instead let the board continue working on the project and create a suggestion for regulations.


Several documents within the union were updated to make them easier to read and incorporate elements that are already in practice. A major change in these documents was that the Chair of the Election Committee can now participate in the meetings where the board conducts elections. This ended day one half an hour after the other students had been thrown out of Blåsenhus.


Year 2018/2019

During day two of FUM, the board for the year 2018/2019 came and presented the annual report, result and balance reports and their suggestion for disposition of the result. Vice president emeritus, Max Mesch thought that 2018/2019 had been a good year for the union which turned over more money than ever, and that the sinking results despite this is due to more money being spent on the well being of students engaged in events. Considering that we are one of few unions without a membership fee, Max considered our result impressive.


The result and balance reports had not been officially signed by the auditor. However the auditor had expressed his consent through e-mail. FUM therefore decided to accept the result and balance reports, free the last board of responsibility, and establish the disposition of the result with the prerequisite that the formally signed auditor report is done before the new year. Last year's board was also given medals from Petter for their work. In accordance with today’s theme these medals were also given with the prerequisite of a signed auditor report.


The former board's management of Per Wahlund's foundation was accepted. Per Wahlunds foundation gives money to union members organising cultural events, and did not give as much money as they could have last year, so apply for money if you want to do something cultural!



Last but not least the time had come for elections. Despite no one applying before the meeting all positions but deputy secretary and Chair of the Election Committe were filled. Karl Wildt and André Hofstedt were elected to the board. Carl Enlund will remain the deputy editor in chief of Techna. FUM has the honour of welcoming Philip Wallgren as speaker and Franz Wilhelm as deputy speaker and we thank resigning deputy speaker Martin Lindberg and secretary Matilda Persson for their work during the year. We were also lucky enough to keep Gabiel Tidestav who will switch from speaker to secretary, the important question is now whether he will give away his bow-tie or rename it the secretary-bow-tie.


As a conclusion to this productive marathon the members of FUM were given union bands with pins from Petter and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and welcome back the members of FUM next year!