Nominate a Teacher for the Union's Pedagogical Awards

Each year, the student union awards one of the faculty's teachers for excellent teaching. 2015 the union did not give an award, so this year we will be awarding two teachers! To do this, we need your help in determining which teachers are fit for the award. Please nominate your favourite teachers, the rules are very simple:

  1. A nomination must be submitted in writing and shall contain a text motivating clearly why the nominee should win the award. You are well advised to include the following in your motivation:
    • Any efforts in advancement of pedagogical development
    • How the teacher conveys the relevance of courses taught to your education
    • The teacher's way of approaching students, for example the nominee's availability outside of lectures.
    • Any other pedagogical qualities exhibited.
  2. Nominations must not be anonymous
  3. The deadline for nominations is the 16/10, and the winner will be announced at The Science Students' ball in Febuary 2017

Any question's may be submitted to: utb-t [at]