Apply for funds from the Per Wahlund Foundation!

Per Wahlund was during his working life a much appreciated teacher and in 2010, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students awarded him with a gold Medal of Merit. After his pension, Per chose to separate SEK 500,000 to form the Per Wahlund Foundation, which UTN was offered the great honor of managing. The foundation hands out funds to cultural or educational events, for example music, theater or literature events, but also food or youth culture may be included. Funds may not be used to lower ticket prizes, and the events may not be profitable.

Meeting dates:
15/9 - 2021
13/10 - 2021
22/11 - 2021

Submit your application to [email protected] no later than 10 days before one of the meetings. Here you can find more information about the Per Wahlund Foundation, or email your questions to [email protected].