Summary of board meeting 2017-03-29

Last Wednesday the board had the fastest meeting in history, 16 subjects was discussed in under two hours!

The meeting started with the commissioners giving each other an update on what's new from the committees and the sections. It then continued with some discussions about USMOS and Kårsamverkan, two collaboration that the union have with the other student unions and Kuratorskonventet (the joint committee of the nations). Three activity plans was discussed, among other the ones for Baskå (SciTech Properietory Committee) and Rallykå (the puzzle hunt rally). These two have just started working with their projects and it's fun to read about their ideas!

We also talked about the commission description and the position description for the positions in the Management Team that are going to be announced this Sunday, very exciting!

Next meeting with the union council is held tomorrow and Wednesday and on this meeting the board for next year is going to be selected. Come and listen if you are interested!

As a treat (and as usual) you get a nice, but blurry, groupie!

The board through Malin